Artists journals — also called art journals — are illustrated journals and diaries.

Usually, they’re created by individuals.  Sometimes, a group (or “round robin”) will contribute to a collaborative journal.

This website is about artists journals:  What they are, how to create one, what works & what might not, and how to have the most fun with your artists journal.

This website is the creation of Aisling D’Art, who’s been known for her art journals since the mid-1990s.

Aisling has taught at many arts events across the United States, including Art & Soul, Art Unraveled, Artfest, and Celebrate Art.

She is dedicated to sharing art and inspiration with everyone.


In the rest of her life…

Aisling is a very happily married mother of three great kids. When she’s not making art, she’s writing books under a variety of pen names, and helping others find their creative voices in words, visual arts, and other media.

As of 2014, she’s bouncing between New England (mostly coastal NH and Maine) and Florida, with plans to return to England and Ireland early in 2015… and maybe put down roots there.

Every day is an adventure!